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Reasonable accommodations at work for narcolepsy

Anderson, MO |

I have narcolepsy which affects daytime wakefulness as well as cataplexy attack (which is the sudden loss of muscle control during periods of stress or extreme emotion). I take medication but it can only help treat the symptoms and can never eliminate them completely. I am a High School teacher and I am currently teaching in a trailer. Excessive temperature can also exasperate my condition. There are two rooms in the trailer which I share with another teacher and only one heating/cooling unit. The other trailer on campus has two, one for each room. Our heating/cooling unit does not function properly. It will only cool up to 5 degrees cooler than the outside temperature and heat 15-20 degrees warmer. This is my 3rd year and my district refuses to replace the unit even though a heating/air expert was called and made that suggestion. There is no space to move me anywhere else and I am starting to notice serious effects from this including inability to function enough to grade papers or plan for class because of my excessive sleepiness. My boss manages by bullying and I have often been a target due to my high-risk pregnancy last year, family situation, and disability. He even went so far as to threaten to fire me for not asking a student to take off a hat when I was in labor and had been in early labor for a week and a half. He has written other teachers up for even sitting on the couch in the teachers lounge during their prep period so I am afraid to try to take a nap or even ask if I can take a nap. What can I do? Do I have any kind of a case?

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