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Rear-ended by Hertz rental vehicle. Where do I send my demand letter?

Las Vegas, NV |

I was in a multiple vehicle collision a while back. The report reads: "... V2 and V3 (myself) stopped behind V5 to avoid a collision. The driver of V1 (Hertz) failed to decrease speed, causing V1 to strike the rear of V2 with the front of V1. The impact caused V2 to strike the left rear of V3 with the right front of V2..."

I believe I am entitled to damages in the repair of my car and the cost of rentals but have not been able to reach Hertz claim management through phone. I am already sending a demand letter to the driver of the Hertz vehicle. Should I also send a letter to Hertz itself? If so, what mailing address do I need to send it to?


I was not injured in the accident so I don't think any personal injury attorneys will take my case.

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I strongly encourage you to consult with a personal injury attorney. Multiple car collisions are tricky enough to deal with, but when you add a rental car company into the mix, it's easy to miss something. To be safe, the demand letter should be sent to everyone involved. Again, I would contact an attorney.

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In the police report there should be a section for "vehicle owner" where Hertz is identified. Send your demand to the address provided there. Failing that, send your demand to their corporate office (which you can find through the Nevada Secretary of State's website). As a word of advice, if you have your own coverage for these damages, it would be much easier for you to use that coverage and leave it up to your own insurance company to track down Hertz and/or the other driver to get reimbursed.

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You could make the argument that both vehicles behind you could be responsible for your damages. If you do not know the name of the insurance carrier or claim adminstrator, send your demand directly to the responsible party. For a company like Hertz, you could call their main office and ask for the claims department and they might direct you to where you need to send your letter.


Yes. Send it to one of these three fine Nevada attorneys above if that's where your accident occurred. You'll be glad you did. Hertz is too big to play with on your own, we've handled cases against Hertz--its not a company set up well to do what your doing on your own. While you might be able to get away with it through a claims process with an insurance company (which is still inadvisable), you really can't with a big rental company.


Since G. W. Bush signed the Graves Amendment, vicarious liability for rental and leasing companies has been abolished. Your recourse is against the driver and any policy they might carry.

I am a co-author of WEITZ ON AUTOMOBILE LITIGATION: THE NO FAULT HANDBOOK. The opinions expressed in this answer are not intended to be taken as legal advice. These opinions are based on New York practice. I may be contacted at 212-553-9300.


Bottom line is retain a local car accident lawyer.


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