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Realtor meesed up on app for my lease ? it says from Nov 1, 2012 to Oct 31, 2012 Am I really on month to month and can move ?

Houston, TX |

I just moved into a place with land , and come to find out that the place isent safe , and I have a slum landlord ! I put laminate flooring in the place at my expense , including a fence ! There is a flaw in my contract about the lease agreement on the date of year ? Am I on month to month ? and can I sue for laminate flooring and fence ?

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The lease probably also says how many months it is for. Look for that. The error is clearly a typo because you cannot have a lease that describes a term that cannot exist (it terminates before it starts). So, I think a court would easily interpret it to be a one year lease. The lease probably also discusses improvements to the property like the fence and flooring. Those belong to the landlord now.

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