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Realtor listed my phone numbers to be viewed and called by other realtors, Can I sue the realtor for not protecting my privacy ?

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I've listed my house for sale by a realtor, but in the middle of contract we ended the listing agreement because I no longer want to sell the house. After the realtor removed my house from the MLS listings, suddenly many agents started to call me on my cell and home phone kept asking me to sell with their firm which I rejected all. It lasted few weeks to be harassed by those calls. Then it happens again for the past couple weeks, the agents started to call again, numerous calls per day to my home phone and cell phone. Can I sue the realtor for not protecting my privacy After our contract has ended ??

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The agreement you signed with the agent would control whether or not you may have a claim against the realtor. It is likely that you agreed to have your numbers released to other realtors when you signed the agreement.


I agree with Attorney Avramski. Check your listing agreement to determine whether your realtor was authorized to release your phone number.

Please note that I am answering this question as a service through Avvo but not as your attorney and no attorney-client relationship is established by this posting. An attorney-client relationship can only be established through signing a Fee Agreement and paying the necessary advanced fees.


Even if the agreement didn't authorize release, I don't see significant damages here. Even if you won, I don't see you recovering enough for your attorney fees.

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