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Real Estate Fraud with Quit Claim Deed

North Bend, WA |

Due to medical issues we got behind in our mortgage payments. The person who refinanced our home for us seemed to be very helpful and told us of a way that we could sell the house and rent it from the new owner for a period of time. They would pay up the mortgage payments, fix up any items on the house that needed fixing etc. He had us sign a quit claim deed. I just found out from the mortgage company that they may be perpetrating a fraud and that we still own the mortgage but have signed over the rights to the property to these people. We now seem to get the run around when we try to find out what is happening. He doesn't return our calls and does not keep appointments. We keep getting promises that he will send us a copy of the paperwork but can not get them.
Is there any recourse we have at this point? We are at a complete loss of where to go or what to do next.

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It sounds to me like you have been the victim of what's known as a foreclosure rescue scam. These have been proliferating in Washington state and around the country. My lawfirm, Resolve Legal, does take on these types of cases. Another attorney in town who probably has handled more of them than anyone is Melissa Huelsman. You will most likely have to start a lawsuit againt the mortgage broker to reverse the damage that's been done. You may also consider contacting the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions. I believe they have more information on their website.

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