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Methuen, MA |

have a brick wall that backs up to apartments. When they snowplow, the wall is pushed forwarded thus bowing. How can I have this stoped and or repaired?

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Dear Brick Wall Owner: I have two general replies for you. 1. I strongly urge you to put the owner of the neighboring property "on notice" that his agents (i.e. the snow plow operators) are damaging the wall and request that the neighboring owner "cease and desist" piling the snow along the wall (or, if you want to use a lighter tone "take better care" when snowplowing). 2. If the wall is "common" between you and the apartment owners, then you may want to "demand" that the apartment owner spend the monies to re-construct the wall (i.e. place supportive rebar through the vertical portions of the wall, tied into the concrete footing). Also, on a practical note: start taking photos of (a) the "before" condition of the wall and "after" condition, and (b) the snowplowers in action.
Best of luck. J. Greer