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Re-opening Worker's Comp Claim & Assisting with newly closed Worker's Comp Case

North Las Vegas, NV |

Is there anyone who can give a free consultation that can review current and previous medical reports as it relates to current and past Worker's Comp case? I am in a severe amount of pain and I have no where to turn. I am afraid that my current employer will separate me soon and I have been out of work a few months now, they denied my Worker's Comp claim as some of my symptoms is related to a previously closed claim in which I received a small settlement. My disability claim was denied as they deemed it work related.

Please Help.

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My firm would be willing to speak with you tomorrow.


We occasionally enlighten the ignorant by answering simple questions that may help many others with a problem. Your situation does not sound like a 60 second answer to a specific question. I strongly recommend that you call a couple NV Attorneys in WC and plan on retaining one. Even if a plumber came over and diagnosed my toilet issue for free, I would not try to fix the problem with chewing gum and duct tape on my own. You are suggesting the legal equivalent.

We offer general concepts, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.


Definitely call a local workers oompensation attorney in this regard. No one will accept a case over the internet. You need to start calling lawyers in your area.