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Re: Massachusetts inheritance laws and home ownership....

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If my husband has our home in his name only, do I inherit the house upon his death?
...Do I pay inheritance/sales tax?
...How is the mortgage affected?
.......Does the bank bill me for future mortgage payments?
.......Does the bank bill me for the mortgage payment in full?

If my husband has our home in his name only and I incur unpaid medical costs:
...Can the home be attached to recoup those unpaid medical costs?
Thank you

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What happens to the home depends on whether your husband dies with or without a will. If he dies with a will, the house goes to whoever he says will inherit the property. If he dies without a will, the house will go to you UNLESS he has children from other relationships. If that is the case, you would get a share of the estate and the other children would get a share of the estate.

It is critical that you and your husband sit down with a good estate planning attorney and set up a plan which will carry out your wishes.

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These are fact-specific questions of great importance. You should consult a competent estate planning lawyer.

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This really requires estate planning so you do not make the situation unnecessarily and financially complicated.

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The answer depends on many factors, including whether or not your husband has children from other relationships and whether or not he has a will. You should both consult an attorney to ensure that you have wills and other documents necessary to ensure the safest transfer of assets when either of you dies.

I handle estate planning such as this, as do many firms you can find using the "Find a Lawyer" link above.