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Rape charges

Euless, TX |

My friend just got notified this morning of rage charges against him from an incident two weeks ago. Both parties were drunk and kissing just went a little too far. So I think that she is regretting it and trying to get back at him. What should he do?

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Your friend needs to get an attorney right away. Rape charges are very serious. Aside from the possible prison time, there is the possiblity of having to register as a sex offender.


Good advice. Your client also needs to stop talking to anyone about this incident, except in private conversations with potential lawyers.


Great advice from both the other lawyers. In addition, be aware that the State will often prosecute if the girl was so intoxicated that they take the position she could not give her consent. Therefore that defense might be difficult to pursue (although arguably he could pursue the same. He could take the position that it was he who was sexually assaulted.)

Anyway, he needs to quit talking about the case with anyone but his own lawyer.

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