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Railroaded by husband after being left pro se, will be homeless. Can anyone please help?

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I have been in my divorce for nearly three years, husband is a very high-up, well-known and has numerous connections between himself, his attorney, and judge who has been handling our case. As you can imagine, child and myself have not been faring well. Despite initial court orders from first judge (later replaced by 2nd with connections to husband) for protection order, my portion of salary he was withholding, etc, he has gotten away with not only violating the protection order several times, but not paying a rightful dime, ever, and judge continues to allow, refusing to acknowledge his willful contempt despite numerous filings.

I have been through three lawyers who all get intimidated by husband's shrewd attorney and I continue to get bullied and railroaded repeatedly until each of my attorneys withdraw from the case and I am forced to find a new one. All have been full of promises at the start, then take the money, and soon claim to find themselves "too exhausted" from dealing with husband and lawyer's game playing and unethical tactics that get constant judge approval whether right, wrong, or full of lies.

I am now at the point where I have nothing left, I have been abandoned by the court and by all of my attorneys. I've been precluded from discovery due to last attorney's refusal to file anything I submitted, since she'd rather play nice which ultimately got us taken advantage of again. Trial date has been set for a week from now and I have now been told by my attorney she is leaving me pro se because she, too, is now fed up with the case! Husband is pushing for a last minute settlement, giving me only one option with a response due by noon tomorrow. This option essentially leaves myself and child homeless, it requires me to assume all marital debt while signing off on the only free and clear home and our business, both of which he has taken over since divorce began. My attorney is pressing me to settle as well while at the same time drafting papers to make it appear as though I am FIRING her rather than the truth, that she is withdrawing from the case. This is exactly what the last two attorneys have done as well and I am beside myself over what to do at this point. I can either agree to be homeless and commit a financial suicide or then go in front of a judge pro se who is in husband's back pocket.

I need to know the best course of action and if possible find a new attorney who will NOT allow themselves to get bullied or intimidated. As I said before, I do not have the funds up front to hire, as I've been stripped clean by the last three in addition to trying to support myself and child for the last three years with zero income. I've worn out my welcome and assistance from all friends and family as well. However I am more than willing to arrange for payment to be taken out of final settlement if that's possible. There is certainly more than enough to go around between husband and myself, I just need someone who is willing to finally stand up to this nastiness and fight for what I am rightfully entitled to.

I am begging anyone out there to please contact me if something can be done. I appreciate the time of all those who read this. Thank you very much.

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I suggest you contact your local bar association to see if they can provide you with a Pro Bono Attorney. You cannot proceed unrepresented. You need an attorney.