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Racism, animal cruelty, witness statements, don't want to get involved! Now what......

Galt, CA |

guesstimating two months, Rottweiler, never on a leash, chasing cats, urinating by my front door,feces in yard! frustrated. I reported the dog, after speaking to homeowner. Police Officer arrived, saw the dog off leash, opened her trunk and gave a treat. Officer had stated that she performed a temper test and that the dog is not aggressive. two days later my cat was injured; reported to officer again, and no response, left detailed message. August 18, 2012 our family dog collapsed while walking him. Thinking heat exhaustion, rushed to the vet Bradshaw er animal services, where he was put down, his health worsened. We are currently awaiting toxicology report, think he was poisoned. Aug 20, 2012 sons car was reported abandoned by next door and was almost towed

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Sounds like a good time to move, if you think you and the neighbor are going to escalate things over the next few months.

I represent Employers, but I can recommend Worker Attorneys in So Cal if you ask.


Lots of incidents, little suggesting any measure of proof. Make peace with your neighbors, or move. It's what most folks do when they are not getting along well and sharing regular picnics.


Your post contains no evidence of "witness statements" or "racism" and only a suspicion of animal cruelty. As your local police officer appears to be worthless, document all instances of the rottweiler running loose with a camera while you wait for the toxicology report.

Note that, even if you have evidence of poisoning, you will not have any proof of who did it.

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