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Questions regarding health care license, certificate, permits. More information below!

Sacramento, CA |

I wrote a book about how to deal with anxiety and insecurity and I'm looking to sell it online in a digital format. I will be getting a business license but is there any health care license or certificate that I need to have?

I am also thinking about turning a book into an online program where people can read a piece of content every day and apply it in their daily lives. I don't want people to just read the book and put it down on the metaphorical shelf, I feel that by creating a program they will get better results.

If I create a program with exercises, since I'm not a psychologist and I only know what worked for me, if I use a disclaimer saying "For information purposes only" could I get in legal trouble later down the road?

Note: I'm not looking to provide health care services, I just want to show people what I did in a information know-how type of business.

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Without seeing this online program, it is not possible to answer this question. If the online program is done properly and the website information and book have the appropriate disclaimers and do not provide treatment, then based on what you've described it sounds like you could make a good argument that you do need to get any license or certificate. But you'd need to show this to a compliance attorney. The issue is that you do not want to be accused of practicing psychology or mental health counseling without a license. Is this online program interactive? One idea is to present it more like coaching rather than treating anxiety and insecurity. It sounds terrific that you have done so much so far and you need to protect yourself and make sure that anyone reading the website will understand the parameters. Good luck and consultation with an attorney could save you time and trouble down the road. Regards - Tracy Green