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Questions on travel to Canada and back to USA in H1-B status. Please see details section for background and questions.

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BACKGROUND: My H1-B visa on my passport has expired but have a valid H1B approval notice that expires mid-May 2014. My company will start my H1-B extension soon (extension beyond the 6 year term as my labor application for green card has been filed). I need to go to Canada for a couple of weeks around end of April 2014.

QUESTIONS:I have the following questions:
1. Is it OK for me to travel to Canada and back with my expired H1-B visa and valid H1-B approval notice?
2. Does my travel to Canada have any effect on my H1-B extension application or my PERM labor application?
3. Any other document you think I should take with me to re-enter USA safely.

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Question 1 relates to automatic visa re-validation process and based on the facts you provided you should be able to do that if the trip is fewer than 30 days.
Question 2 is unclear if you mean whether the travel will affect a pending extension petition or if the extension petition is submitted after your return from Canada. If the latter I don't see any facts in your question that would adversely affect the extension petition.
Question 3 -- this is a very open ended question; of course there are the basic travel documents and documents that verify you are still working for the H-1B employer. Beyond that I am not sure what you mean by "re-enter USA safely."
Finally you should discuss any particular specifics in your situation with your own attorney or your employer's attorney so that you do not jeopardize your employer's H-1B extension petition.


Your question is way to detailed for the online forum like AVVO. Talk to an immigration attorney who is handling the case for the employer. In general, to return from a 30 day or shorter trip in Canada or Mexico a nonimmigrant with a valid I-94 who maintains the status in the USA, one only need that I-94 and valid foreign passport.

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