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Question regarding reporting cash at airport. Do I need a letter from lawyer?

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well, its a law to report on the form if you have more than 10k cash going out of the country or coming in with more than 10k. My question is, I have a family emergency and need to go to my country next week. I need about 40k to take with me for staying 2 months and some family hospital bills I have there.

Question is, if I DO report at the US airport that I am taking 40k in cash, will TSA can or still ask where did I get this 40k? means, should I have any tax form with me to show my last year income to proof the money is mine OR once I say on that form that I am taking 40k with myself, there will not be any other questions that where did my 40k came from or should I get a letter from bank too or have my 1044 tax form with me too?

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You do not indicate why you can't wire the money into your account overseas or why taking certified funds is not acceptable. You have to be very careful with that sum of cash for many reasons including theft, the IRS and federal law enforcement. There must be another way. Good luck

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Just make sure you fill out the form in both directions. One client of mine declared $25K coming in but did not declare $15K going out, thinking he had already "declared the money".

There will not be an investigation at the airport.

I agree with my colleague that traveling with cash like that is more than risky.

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As a former prosecutor and former judge, I can tell you that traveling with that much cash will have you profiled by law enforcement and stalked by criminals. We have travelers checks, credit cards, and other forms of ready access to money rather than carrying cash

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