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Question regarding child support modification effective date.?

Clark, NJ |

I filled a motion on June 5, 2013 requesting plaintiff to show her taxes for the first time. We went to court on Aug 26, 2013 and when judged saw her taxes he realized that she made more money that before, therefore a new CS calculation was done. My CS increased!. it seems that the more money she makes the more payments I have to give her...However, when Judge made the calculation he used Effective date Jan 22, 2013....Why did Judge went back that far if my motion was filed in June 2005?..Is it too late do do anything?

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The effective date is usually the date when the motion was filed. You did not specify what kind of motion you filed on June 5, 2013 - motion to decrease the child support amount?

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it was a motion to enforce prior orders to stop constant insults and to ask for latest income taxes


Don't know what type of motion you filed. Have a NJ lawyer investigate


You should buy some time from Ms. Angelova as she is licensed to practice in New Jersey.