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Question on divorce and alimony

Brooklyn, NY |

I am married for 27 years to a cheating abusive man. I am on social security and I cannot work anymore because i have medical problems. I also had to stop working to take care of our 3 children who are now adults. If I divorce my husband, I want to know if I am entitled to any kind of spousal support or alimony of any kind so I can survive.

p.s. He does not pay taxes or document any of his income, and refuses to find a real job.

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You are entitled to seek alimony (or maintenance as it is now known). Whether the court will award maintenance depends on a number of factors including your husband's income. Facts such as the length of the marriage, your medical issues, and your absence from the job market will also be weighty factors in the determination.

Without more information it is impossible to predict what the court would do. Best of luck.

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That's not enough information on which to base an answer. You should consult an attorney and discuss the finances of the marriage in detail.

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The challenge for you will be getting a court to impute income to your husband to maximize any potential maintenance, the modern word for alimony, award. Since it sounds like his declared income is less than genuine, that is why it is necessary to have the court do the imputation. Imputing income means a court using its power to declare what a persons income is based on factors like the payor's experience, history, lifestyle, and financial benefits being give to him by other people. The other attorneys that answered this questions also gave helpful information.

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