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Question on court cost involving dui

Johnson City, TN |

I was recently in court for a DUI. The DA and state trooper admitted that the stop was bad by the state trooper. I plead to a reckless driving ticket which is being removed with diversion at end of probation of 6 months. (I blew a .16 and my attorney was scared to move forward and the state offered him this deal). I received my court cost today in the mail and I was charged $250 dollars for a "blood, alcohol, urine testing. " Since I wasn't convicted of a DUI but instead a reckless driving, should I still be charged for the testing ? Thanks!

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Thanks for clarifying your location. Try calling the court clerk to discuss the costs. However, if you had an attorney you should contact them to discuss. If you want to locate one in your area here on AVVO you can select "Find a Lawyer" at the top of the page. Good luck.


This is usually normal as a trade-off. You pay the Court costs, if there is a limited but weak basis for the charge, and the case gets dismissed or diverted. It's a compromise. These are costs, not fines--it's a reimbursement. Be Careful out there. Good Luck.

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In Washington there is a BAC(breath test) fee. If the defense attorney and prosecuting attorney reach an agreement, the fee is almost always part of the agreement even when charges are reduced. I concur that you should contact your attorney