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Question about the workers comp process?????

Tifton, GA |

i was diagnosed 11 months ago with 2 heriniated cervical disc due to a work injury.the dr ordered a 3 level fusion to be done.the adjustered denied it and wanted a 2nd opinion.they stopped all treatment that my dr wanted also,physical thearpy,medication, it is 8 months later and they just now set up the 2nd opinion.why do they wait so long?also im going to the same clinic as last time but im seeing a different dr this time.all they want to do is settle,settle,settle.all i want is get my neck right,arm pain gone,stiffness and neck aches gone,headaches gone.

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Many times the insurance does not play fair. They will jerk you around. You need to have an attorney working on your case for you. If you do not have an attorney and would like to discuss this matter further, please feel free to give our office a call at 404-636-6616.


You need to speak with a worker’s comp. attorney ASAP because the situation is only going to get worse.

Good luck.

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I'm sick and tired of insurance companies taking advantage of injured workers like this. If you want to get the surgery they need to pay for it immediately and you do not want to settle for pennies on the dollar (which the insurance company will shoot for). Some of the tactics insurance companies use are to starve you out, unreasonably deny medical care, and force a settlement while you are still injured for pennies on the dollar. Why would you do that?.

I normally ask the insurance company to approve the surgery only once and then file a hearing to force the adjuster to come tell the judge why they choose not to follow Georgia law (which of course they can't). There is no reason for a job related prescribed surgery that you want to have should not be paid for immediately.

When you enter the workers' compensation system, you are at war. But the good news is that it is a war that can be won. I have been helping a select group of seriously injured workers like yourself win their Georgia Workers' Compensation case for over 2 decades. I'm happy to send you my confidential free report that I wrote explaining 13 common dirty tricks used by insurance companies to wreck your Georgia workers compensation case (including 3 you have mentioned here). I have a few left and if you give me a call and I'll rush it to you free of charge to read in the comfort of your own home. You'll be doing yourself a huge favor whether you hire me, someone else, or continue to go it on your own. Now, I'm assuming you are going it on your own as a qualified, experienced Georgia Workers Compensation lawyer would not stand to have a serious surgery unnecessarily dragged out that long.

Russell Keener


From the facts you describe, you clearly have a work-related injury where surgery has been ordered by the authorized treating physician, and where the insurer is taking a strategy of denying and delaying the medical treatment and benefits to which you are lawfully entitled. This is definitely a matter you need to discuss with your attorney if you are represented, or you need to hire an experienced Georgia workers' compensation attorney immediately. I wish you nothing but the best with your claim, and with your continued efforts to fight for the medical treatment you are due as you also fight to restore your health.

Timothy M. Klob
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Who was the adjuster? What was the insurer?



are you a defense lawyer for a insurance company?is that why you ask?

Michael Richard Moebes

Michael Richard Moebes


No- if you look at my profile, I only represent injured workers. However, I deal with a lot of adjusters before the cases get kicked to defense counsel, so I'm curious who the offender(s) is. Plus, if this is going to be his/her course of action, I think he/she deserves for the decision and act to be public.