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Question about Request For Evidence - for Proof of travel - B2 Visitor Visa extension

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I filed for aVistor Visa (B2) Extension for my mother through USCIS ELIS web site.After 2 months i got a notice asking for additional documents.One of which is Proof of travel arrangements.
She entered US on June 3rd and her I-94 ends on dev 5th 2012.
I initially got a return ticket for Dec 1 2012 .My request was to extend her stay for another 6 months (until june 5th 2013) Since until Dec 1st 2012 i didn't got any updates from USCIS i cancelled her tickets because i was unsure about the extension date.Now in the RFE they are asking for a return ticket .So with out an extension date how can i go and purchase a ticket for her.What should i do in this case?
Can someone please provide some suggestion?

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Buy the new ticket, it's already too late for the old one.

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Thanks a lot for the quick reply


Mr. Berman is correct ... buy a new ticket that departs prior to June 5th.

You probably couldn't have extended the prior ticket anyway ... the best pricing is usually on tickets that have a 6 month maximum validity.

With that said you can call the airline ... sometimes they will give you a credit on the unused 1/2.

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I agree with prior responses. USCIS wants to see proof of your mother's intent to return home. Buy her a plane ticket for sometime prior to June 5th amd aemd them a copy of it.

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