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Question about lasd projected release date for inmate with jail sentence suspended for probation

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My son was charged for 11350 hs f and 11357(a) hs. The public defender told him that the DA offered 90 days jail sentence suspended for 3 year probation if he plead guilty to the charges. He told my son if he turn himself in Friday, he's likely to be released Friday after midnight. Sunday the latest. Today is Sunday already (May 18, 2014). I just checked lasd website and the projected release date is 06/21/2014. What does that mean? Please help.

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I never tell a client they will get out that day, unless it is a 1 day sentence. You are dealing with Sheriff Math, that is very arbitrary. It depends upon the charge (Felons do more than misdemeanors) as well as his prior history. The sheriff's website is slow in being updated, so you may get a call to pick him up before the date is ever changed, which it will constantly do. The most he could serve is 45 days. This all assumes no disciplinary problems inside. When you go to the website, you can sign on to the VINE notification system that will send you an email when he is being released.


Due to jail overcrowding the computer release s people earlier to the release date often. Be patient

My name is Stephen R. Cohen and have practiced since 1974. I practice in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. These answers do not create an attorney client relationship. My answers may offend I believe in telling the truth, I use common sense as well as the law. Other state's laws may differ.. There are a lot of really good attorneys on this site, I will do limited appearances which are preparation of court documents it is , less expensive. However generally I believe an attorney is better than none, but many will offer a free consultation and a face to face meeting generally will be better, I like my clients to write a short one page history of the fact and questions they have prior to meeting with them, so nothing is forgotten.


it means the public defender was wrong. You son is looking at a release date in about four weeks. He may be released early, but I would not bank on that. Wait for him to call you and then you can talk about what the jail is telling him.

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