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Question about income for joint sponsor of immigrant

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My aunt is trying to file for her daughter that currently resides in the Caribbean. She was denied due to now having enough income. She ask me to joint sponsor her. So I filled out the I864, also sent a copy of my passport, last three tax returns, w-2's for that tax year, job letter and a few paystubs. She called me stating that her immigration lawyer needed my assests as well, something about here not having the income because she has only $6000 in the bank and her need my assets to add with hers. I"m a little confused because in the instruction it clearly states if the joint sponsor income is more than the current poverty chart they don't have to add they assets they can just use the income. I make over approx $15000 more than the required amount so why do I need to provide this stuff? Truthfully I don't feel comfortable with giving my bank statements, CDs and IRA information at all. Just to clarify I don't need to fill out the I-864A since we are not in the same household (not even in the same state)!

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Your assets are irrelevant if your income is sufficient. Your assets cannot be added to her assets. She did not understand her lawyer, or her lawyer is ignorant and should be changed.

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You will need to meet 125% of the poverty requirements and your taxes showing this should prove you make this amount.

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