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Question about dr visits and parenting time

Topeka, KS |

My x has my daughter and there is a scheduled dr. appt. he can not get her back to town for this visit and is refusing to allow me to get her to her appt. does the visit take precedence over his visitation time.

my court is Shawnee county in Topeka, KS

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There are a lot of factors that could go into trying to answer this question. What kind of appointment is it? Who scheduled it and how long ago? Could it be easily rescheduled? Why was it scheduled when the child is out of town with her father? If this is a back to school check-up with her regular doctor that could be easily rescheduled, that should happen. If, on the other hand, your daughter has a condition that requires her to see a specialist, the appointments are very hard to get and this one was scheduled months ago, then the answer may be different.
Hopefully the parents can work together to resolve the issue in a way that handles the daughter's needs - her need for time with her father, her need to see the doctor, etc.
Good luck to you all.

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