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Question about Domestic Battery 3rd Degree for arkansas

Benton, AR |

I was arrested for Domestic Battery 3rd Degree over 3 years ago but was NOT "charged"/ was NOT found guilty. I did NOT have to do anything b/c they let me go on my court date. I mean I did have to get a bails bondman to get me out of jail the day it occurred. so I had to appear before the judge on court day and that is when they said I could go. yet now for something major it is showing up on my FBI report. so what now? I mean arrested or received. charge 1 domestic battering 3rd degree. what does this mean now?

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You may petition the court to seal the record of the arrest, third parties - such as potential employers, will not see the arrest but law enforcement officials and prosecutors will still be able to see that you were arrested - but not convicted - for the offense.

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