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Question about conservatorship?

Granbury, TX |

My husband is the sole managing conservator and his ex is possessory conservator, but it also states she receives no periods of possession over a year period with 4 clean follicle tests. What exactly are her rights? She's constantly harrassing my husband stating by law he has to talk to her, but I was under the impression he only needs to communicate with her if there is a significant change in the health or welfare of the child, which never seems to be her reason for contacting him. She refuses to accept that she is not the boss and she lost her chance by choosing drugs over the baby. Also our lawyer advised him if he wants to give her 2 supervised visitations a month we can, even though the papers say no. Is that correct? It wasn't the lawyer per say it was the paralegal assistant

They were never married, my husband was number 2 of the presumed fathers. We found out the baby was his at about 2 1/2 months old and immediately got a lawyer because of her drug use. I would think minimal communication would be best because she only has horrible and rude things to say anytime a conversation is tried.

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Get advice from the lawyer. Yes, you will probably have to pay for it, but it will be worth it.

A paralegal should not be giving advice or interpreting the decree, so you should bring that to the lawyer's attention.

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This is not a Guardianship question. I reclassified it so you might get better responses.

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