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Question about conflict of interests.

Lawrenceburg, IN |

I was recently in court facing charges (1 C Felony and 1 D Felony). I was given a court-appointed attorney.
The attorney assigned to me is the daughter of a court-appointed attorney that "defended" me in court years ago.
He did a terrible job. In fact, he bold-facedly lied to me by telling me that if I signed a plea bargain, the state would drop the C Felony and I would be pleading guilty to the D Felony. I agreed with that, because the D Felony was for possessing illegal material, and the C Felony was for knowingly distributing the illegal material. I NEVER knowingly distributed the material.
Anyway, after I signed the plea bargain, I find out that I had plead guilty to the C and the D was dropped.
Was having his daughter a conflict of interests? And if so, what can be done to rectify it

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No conflict


There is no legal or ethical conflict of interest by the facts you stated. Most courts have more than one public defender and if you feel strongly enough about lack of trust you could inquire about switching.
That might cause more problems if you say why. Quite frankly even if the father did a bad job several years ago that is NOT a basis to mistrust his daughter, judge her on HER merits not her fathers.

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