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Question: If someone is claiming a false Non Profit Organization on Facebook and is collecting money through her personal site

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saying that upon donations, she will supposedly carve the names of the donors on the pieces of art works she later does (whatever that supposed to mean), is this a legal conduct to collect money WITHOUT having an official non profit organization. Wouldn't this mean that she could collect donations without paying taxes on her donations because no one would know, but herself, how much she was given. I am clueless about how business law works, but this is why I am providing the facts to sk if this type of behavior is legal. Please advise because I'm about to report her. Also, where do you think it is appropriate to report her, to the police, to the FBI or any other place...perhaps the Attorney general...PLEASE advise.

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I would recommend contacting the California Attorney General's Charitable Trusts Section for assistance with your concerns. I've included their link, below. They have jurisdiction over this issue - and they tend to take fraud such as you are alleging quite seriously.

May L. Harris
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awesome, thanks so much!


Could be registered in a different state. You are free to call the police to investigate.


Call the authorities but based on the facts you gave there are other possibilities for validation of non profit.

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Thanks, Can you name those validations as I am not sure what you mean by that. Are you claiming that not all non profits could be listed or am I not correct. I've looked through databases from IRS to a few others sites and that non profit is not listed at all while the website is asking for donations.

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