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Question. child support modifi and arrear. can i give oag attorney repres my daughter infor that i have to help case?

Allen, TX |

not too much details. my ex is behind in arrears and works making minimun wage with bachelor degree. child support 250/mth, which I thought was rediculous. OAG opened case and have date set already between OAG (representing my daughter) and ex. I was told i don't need lawyer bc case isn't involved with me. Do I need a lawyer, I don't think I do, but can OAG attorney use information I have to help get child support increased for under employment. I have emails about his monthly bills total (not possible) and documentation of 7 trip within a year, permits linked to him for extra jobs, etc.

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You always have the right to have a lawyer present at a negotiation session or at a court hearing. I would recommend having a lawyer at these hearings. The child support arrears was ordered to be paid to you. Often times the OAG does not look closely into the noncustodial parent's income levels. If the father is spending more money than he claims to be making then you have a case of imputing income onto the father and thereby increasing his level of child support. If you have any questions please contact me at

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