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Q: What can I do with prior tenant's private property and mobile trailer?

Los Angeles, CA |

I am a landlord and own commercial property here in West LA. Prior tenant left various furniture and personal items in the storage room. Prior tenant also left a mobile trailer in the parking lot. It's been about a week since lease ended and tenant moved out. He won't respond to my letters, emails, and phone calls. Can I throw away the personal property and tow away the mobile trailer?

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If you believe the property has been abandoned by the tenant, then you must write a notice (1) to the former tenant(s), (2) to any other person whom you believe may be the owner of the property, (3) deliver the notice to tenant/owner, (4) meet with the tenant/owner, (5) release the property after collecting storage fees for the property.

If the tenant(s)/owner(s) do not respond, then, if you reasonable believe that the property is worth less than $300, you may keep them. If you reasonably believe that the property is worth more than $300, you may hold a public auction after publication and sell the property (you may bid on the property as well).

The format of the notice and its contents are technical Contact me at www. for details about your situation.

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What about the trailer? Can I tow it away?


The California Department of Consumer Affairs has an excellent guide on what to do when a tenant
leaves behind personal property: