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Purchased used Prius Picked from dealer 2 wks later. they switched car it has different vin numbers. its broke down same day!

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Purchased 2004 Toyota Prius Hybrid car, had some scratches. Dealer said will fix at whole sale cost, so I agreed. Picked car 2 wks later. drove away, 3xs had mechanical/ele. they blamed my driving 2x. last time, problems more severe all electrical dashboard everything went out. engine light on.the service light already on which I complained when picked up.had damage on bumper wasnt there when bought. car was dirty but wasn't when bought it. I thought someone used it for 2 weeks & did this. I checked my sales receipt that I used for insurance company and temp. registration receipt. 2 Different vin numbers. it wasn't same car. this explained a diff.remote& window decal different than when purchased. owner gave me check back today. Can I sue them for switching cars even if reimbursed??

These guys Phoenix indoor auto sales completely switched cars. I already purchased seat covers,floor mats, even trunk liner and auto insurance., the covers etc are from ebay and can't be returned. Can I win for cost of all this that I ordered for the car not knowing they had switch and baited? I have proof of the vin numbers different. document from day purchased is one number, temporary registration docs from day picked up the car is separate vin numbers? I want to do something to make sure these guys don't do it to any person. the broken Prius was dangerous to drive and could have caused an accident. Any other ideas how to prevent this from happening to someone else?

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There are a lot of questions here you should have an attorney examine. First, if the VINs don't match, you might not have a title to the car you're driving. If so, this will create great problems for you down the road. Second, sometimes accepting payment can limit your legal options--but that depends. You need an attorney to analyze exactly: how much you were paid, why, and what you knew at the time of payment.

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If they returned 100% of your money, it sounds like you have no damages and therefore no lawsuit. But, this sounds like fraud and you might want to report the dealer to the Attorney General for a consumer fraud investigation:

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