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Purchased a car, and I've come to find that it's a different year, model, has a salvage title, and other things. Can I sue?

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As the question states, I recently purchased a car, which according to the ad (That I saved) only needed the starter to be repaired, and that the year of the car was 1996. I checked out the car, in the evening, and everything seemed well, except for the starter which was already pointed out to me, so I was fine with that. We pushed to start and it ran strong. Upon getting it back from the mechanic, and running the VIN, I find out the car was in an accident that required welding, needs a wheel alignment, is a 93 not a 96, has a salvage title, among many other repairs that I could not see at the time. I've tried getting this person to give me my money back, plus cost of repairs, but they are avoiding me. I even found out the car isn't in their name. Can I sue for fraud, and/or anything else?

Also, I never said anything about buying the car "as-is" as in regardless of what is wrong with the car, told to me or not, that I would buy it without a problem.

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Breach of contract. Hopefully, it's less than $10,000.00 and if so, since it would be a small claims case, you go to small claims court, where the filing fee is only like $50.00.


It sounds like you purchased a clunker. This could be a basis for recession, breach of contract, fraud, and unjust enrichment. If the damage is under $10,000 you could file a claim in Small Claims Court and get some quick effective relief. Above and beyond that you have to contact an attorney for representation.

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Fraud galore. But the problem would be collecting, since the defendant is a private party.

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