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Purchase agreement created but they have not given me possession of car yet? Can I resend entire deal? I Feel tricked!!!

Aurora, CO |

On Saturday went to buy a new car. Trade in my car and add a deposit. We then needed to drive in the new car over to their other location across the street to do financing. Car died. Out of gas, added it but then still shifting issues. They wrote a "we owe" letter and convinced me that they will guarantee it will work and I did the paperwork. They gave me a loaner new car so I don't have the new yet in my possession. They were closed today, can I go there and resend the entire deal and get my car and deposit back?

So my own lawyer stated I am out of luck pretty much, so when they deliver the car to me to swap out with the loaner, can I ask for a safety expectation report be given to me so that it shows they thoroughly checked it (replaced the retail sensor which was missed apparently in transit). If I have this safety expectation report I hope that helps me so that they confirm they feel it is safe to drive. that is my main concern.

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You've paid your own lawyer for advice. You received it. Take that advice!

I agree with your lawyer. Depending on what they wrote on the IOU - you may be able to get a safety check on the car. If they wrote "I owe you a (type of car) in good working condition" then you have the right to see if they complied with their part of the contract - did they give you that type of car in a good working condition?

No matter what, keep the IOU they wrote to you.

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