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Punishment for second offense domestic violence?

Bellevue, WA |

I was wondering how lieniant the court will be for a second alleged domestic violence offense occurring within 5 months of each other? The first one entered a diversion, will the diversion now be revoked by the court?

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Attorney answers 2


If you committed another assault DV matter then yes the diversion will be revoked and you will be looking at getting sentenced on 2 charges. What needs to happen is you need to talk with your attorney about the 2nd case and see if the State has a good case, winable case. Good Luck to you.


The facts and circumstances of the second case will determine how lenient the prosecutors will be with you. If you are convicted of the second offense then your diversion will certainly get revoked for the first. A good attorney can help you get the best result out of your situation. Contact one immediately.