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Punishment for not completing community service second time?

New Kent, VA |

In 2010 I was pulled over for reckless driving, and was ordered to do 150 hours of community service with 10 days jail time suspended.

I failed to do them and was then told to do 300 hours within four months, and will not have it done it time.

What kind of punishment am I looking at, just the 10 days suspended, or will more time/charges be added?

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If the jail sentence was suspended on the condition that you perform the community service work, then the failure to complete it could result in the previously suspended jail sentence being imposed.

However, in addition, you can be re-ordered to complete it and incarcerated again for failing to obey a court order if you fail to do so. And since each time it will be a new court order, the failure to complete it is a new act of contempt, so the potential exists for this to happen over and over.

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