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Punishment for food stamp fraud PA criminal code, food stamp fraud less than $2,000 no prior criminal history

Williamsport, PA |

what if is a person is charged with food stamp fraud and have no proir criminal history and is willing to repay overpayment. and its lts less that 2 thousand dollars. what might happen

they are saying they have a strong case against them. but it was a honest mis understanding. the only evidence they have is that i never made my boyfriend change his mailing address ot took him off of my lease. I explained to them that he will have to remove himself from the lease. but they are not trying to hear that. im scared and dont know what to do. They never said they was going to court but they did say they have a strong case.

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You should not be having these conversations. You need a lawyer and the lawyer should be doing the talking. You need to do this immediately.