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Pulled over for Improper front window tint (measured 15%) (46.2-1052) on I-81 by State Trooper. Should I go to court or pay?

Shenandoah, VA |

First time getting pulled over, clean DMV record (+5 points). Trooper measured driver side window tint with device, result was 15% (Legal is 50% as I've come to know).
Charge: OP W/TINT/SIGNS/DECALS WINDOWS. Listed as Infraction, not misdemeanor. No prior warnings regarding my window tint. Should I remove the illegal tint and show up to court or pay the ticket? It's going to cost me on my car insurance if I plead guilty, but is it worth showing up for court?

The officer did verbally mention that I can fix it and show up to court date. I'm just not sure if it will be dismissed based on that alone.

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You should consider hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney to advise you and represent you in this case.

I know that some of my clients with similar issues have had their cases dismissed based on the work of qualified attorneys.



Thanks for the answer. I think this is listed as a civil, not a criminal case. Still need a criminal defense attorney?

John-Paul Patrick Gilson

John-Paul Patrick Gilson


Sure, feel free to contact our office as well. It's techincally traffic. Which is not "criminal" or "civil". However, most criminal attorneys handle traffic related incidents like this one. It is usually an infraction, however sometimes can be charged under a different code section as a misdemeanor. You probably need a traffic attorney, most of which classify themselves as criminal defense.