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Pulled over for an expired plate, turns out I was DWS (Infraction)! Didn't know! Need help on court proceedings...

South Bend, IN |

To make a long story short, I got a speeding ticket on a tollway. Completely unintentionally, I forgot to pay off the ticket. Last night I was pulled over driving my wife's car, for reason's unknown to me. The officer asked if I knew I had an expired license plate, (which I didn't, since I never drive my wife's car). After looking up my info, he returned to inform me that I had a suspended license. I immediately remembered the unpaid ticket. He let me off the hook, and had me call a friend to drive the car home. He gave me two tickets, one for an expired plate, and one for DWS (infraction).

I payed off the original ticket this morning, but am waiting for the others to process to schedule a court date. This really was an honest mistake. What should I do in court? How should I plead? Help!

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What you should do will depend on several different factors. One factor is your driving record. If you have a good record, then the Court will most likely be lenient with you. You can appear in court to ask for leniency and perhaps the prosecutor will allow you to plead guilty to the lesser of the two charges in exchange for a dismissal of the other charge. Since you have already paid the outstanding ticket, the Court may just dismiss the driving while suspended charge.

It is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of an attorney in your area as the attorney may be able to get even better deals.

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