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Pulld over for tint.charged with dwi

Pittsburgh, PA |

Was pulled over for my window tint in oct 2011 . Cop asked to search vehicle.i said no but he did anyways.he them found 2empty stamp bags.he then immediately took me to hospital for blood test.didnt not give fieldsobriety test.he held the blood test until feb 2012.he wantd me to be a snitch for him an i decided not too.he finaly got results back in may the blood test still good?should i fight this?

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You absolutely need a lawyer on this. Recent case law has come down on both window tinting and car searches. The blood test, FSTs, or snitch issues are probably fine, but you may have some arguable issues.


There may be some arguments regarding the stop being illegal. You need to have an attorney go step by step through the process to determine if the stop was illegal.

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I agree with the other attorneys that you certainly want to discuss the facts of this case with an attorney. You may be able to file certain motions to basically say the stop of your vehicle was unlawful.


Yes, you should definitely fight sounds like your rights were violated and that there was no probable cause for the search.

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