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Public Urination in Pittsburgh, PA. What Can I do? I feel that 6 tickets is far to many for my crime.

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I was in a bar in Pittsburgh a 3 weeks ago. I am 33 years old and now smart enuff to have safe transptn. when going to and from a bar.We rented a "bus" to take 5 friends and I to a couple of bars.At closing time,I walked out of a bar (with my beer in my hand) and walked around the bar into a drk alley and urinated.Within secs. a police officer pulled up and caught me.He took my liscence and didn't say more that a few words to me.He got out of his van a few minutes later and told me that I would be recieveing a couple of citations in the mail.That was it. I got a ticket for public drunkeness(which I wasn't),a public urination tick, failure to clean up my urine,and an open intox ticket.On top of this,2 more ticks for urinating&failure to clean it up.(I think he thought i did it 2X.)What shud

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Well, I am hoping that you recognize that the Urinating in Public charge will likely stick (just like it did on the pavement). So too will the open container citation. As for the public drunkenness, the officer will likely base that on his conversation with you. While you may truly have not been intoxicated, the officer will tell the DJ that you were. I'm not quite certain why you received 2 of the same citations. It may well have been that he made a mistake and issued an extra citation on those 2 charges. Believe me, it happens. And BECAUSE it happens, I would strongly suggest that you consult an attorney who would be willing to go to court and speak with the officer about eliminating some of the charges. As long as you weren't difficult with the officer, your attorney should have luck in working a deal for you. Good luck.


Well, I hate to give basic answers, but you asked "what can I do." Really, you--like all defendants--have 3 choices. You can:

1. Plea not guilty, not present a defense, and make the Commonwealth prove their case against you;
2. Plea not guilty and present a defense; or
3. Plea guilty and hope to negotiate something in exchange for your guilty plea (like reduction of most of the charges).

Each of these options have advantages and disadvantages. For example, do you have a defense? Will the prosecution have any difficulty in making out the facts alleged in your accusatory instrument? What are the consequences of you being convicted of the charges against you?

Only you can answer these and other questions. A lawyer can help you and can help flesh out other issue, as well as help execute whatever choice you elect.

But to answer your question, those are your options. Good luck! And maybe next time, get a party bus with a bathroom!

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