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Public drunk charge in ga, but moved to california what will happen if i dont make it back to ga for court?

Tybee Island, GA |

i went to tybee island and put in jail for public drunk, but no breathalyzer or tests given. Iforgot about court and moved to cali. What will hapopen if i cant make it back for court?

It is a city ordianance charge.. released on own recog. will i be extradited back or arressted in california for this?

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A warrant will be issued or your arrest.


It isn't worth finding out the hard way. You should contact a lawyer in that area who can probably work out a resolution for you, possibly involving a plea in absentia (in your absence) through which you can avoid coming back to Georgia just to go to court. If you do not appear in court, the judge will likely issue a bench warrant and bond forfeiture order.

Call a local attorney in Tybee and see if they can help you get this worked out. If you have already missed court, they can probably get it put back on the calendar and resolved.

It isn't worth looking over your shoulder or forgetting about it again until you get stopped for speeding somewhere and end up with an unwanted trip back to the Georgia beach.

Best of luck to you.

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Not many,if any Lawyers actually having offices on Tybee that I know of... Most will be found in Savannah. this should not be that big a deal if you have it taken care of before the court date. Your lawyer should know how to do that. I will recommend Doug Andrews, well known and respected and available on the internet in Savannah. Good Luck!

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You need to get a local attorney to help you with this. You may not even have to come back to Georgia for the case. Sometimes a court will accept a plea of guilty in absentia. Don't count on it, but it may be a possibility. If you can't plea in absentia, and you don't return for court, I would expect a warrant to be issued for your arrest.

As to any defenses you have, not being given a breathalizer is not likely to help you. Public drunk requires an element of public disturbance (urinating in public, boisterousness, severe intoxication/unconsciousness, etc.) Genreally, it makes no difference what your BAC is, so long as the officer and/or witnesses observe you in an intoxicated state (usually from the smell of alcohol coming from your breath and your physical manifestations of intoxication) and an act of public disturbance. No judge is going to reasonably believe that there isn't sufficient evidence of you being under the influence of alcohol after hearing testimony that you smelled of alcohol and were staggering, unconscious, overly boisterous or had urinated on yourself, etc.