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Public defender won't listen when I try to tell details of fight

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I was in a fight with another person at a bar, The other person pushed me after calling me racist names, we were pushing and grabbing eachother and fell onto a table full of glasses and his face got cut. He said I cut him with a weapon which I did not. He even said at the prelim hearing he did not see me with a wepon but assumed I did. He showed a photo of the cut and now they want to put me in for 6 to 12 months for soemthing I didn't do. My public defender is even saying there is no way he got cut on the glasses and bottles that were on the table even though they were all smahed. What can I do? I have a witness who says he never seen me with a weapon, he has a witness and I have no idea what she has said.

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Go to trial and if the PD is unwilling or unable, then ask the court to appoint an attorney or hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.


If at all possible you need to hire a private attorney. There are several good public defenders however most are overworked and underpaid.

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As attorney Keller noted, if you have a fundamental disagreement with your public defender that is impairing your ability to prepare a defense, then it may be prudent to ask the Court to appoint counsel. Do not, disclose details in open court or online.

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