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Public Defender was removed as council of record but still shows up as council on the clerks website.Why?

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Public Defender was removed as council of record but still shows up as council on the clerks website.Why? Do I need to send a notice of removal of council to the clerk or prosecutor ect. or do something else to finish the job ? Do I need to request the pub def to file something? Also I need to get whatever they have as files on my case.I left a message.Must I send a demand for case file or something of that sort?

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The clerks tend to move slowly as far as updating the docket. You should not have to send a demand for your discovery and case documents. Try working with the PD.. they are very busy and may have just not got to send it or make it available for pick up.. stay on top of them.

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If the judge ordered it then there is nothing else for you to do. The clerk's website in Orange County does not update every case everyday as it should. You can call the clerk and they will fix it/ update it with a phone call.


Please tell us you don't intend to represent yourself. Assuming you don't you need to c

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David Richard Damore

David Richard Damore


Contact your attorney


I agree that you need to call the Clerk of Court to update the record. As for the information you are requesting from the PD office. If you have retained private counsel (which I hope that you have), your attorney will file the appropriate paperwork requesting the discovery, and it will be sent directly to them from the PD office.

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what paperwork would need to filed? There is no discovery in this case.The paraleagal from Pub. Def office took photos of my injuries thats what we want


I do not know. Usually, it is because his office had a conflict of interest. They might be representing a co-defendant. If you are still indigent, the court will provide you with a "conflict attorney." Of course you always have the option of hiring your own attorney.


The clerk's website may not have updated yet. You should call the clerk's office to see if the judge's order has been filed. If you were appointed conflict free counsel you should contact that person right away.

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