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PTI program

Clearwater, FL |

I applied for the PTI program back in the beginning of April and told that I would be getting a call to see if I was accepted or not. When I sign the PTI contract who do I go to, the PTI counselor or my former lawyer?

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PTI programs are set up & organized by the State Attorney's office in each County/Circuit and are generally supervised by Probation. I'll defer to my colleagues who reside & practice in Pinellas to give you the specifics, but I expect that you'll receive a notice directing you to come to the probation office or perhaps the State to sign off on your agreement. Thereafter, you'll meet with a supervising PO to monitor your progress & compliance with the program.

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If you have not heard anything since April, you should give the your lawyer and program a call to see what is going on. They may simply be backlogged, but it usually doesn't take this long.

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It sometimes takes a while for the state to call you. Have your lawyer check with the prosecutor to make sure they haven't chanted their mind like Orange County does where I practice. Good luck

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Always talk to your lawyer before you do anything. Never do anything unless you're lawyer tells you to.


You should have already heard something by now if you applied in April. Call your lawyer to discuss your specific situation.

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