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Pt. 4 Disability employment claim against Gallery furniture. Read pts 1-3 please. that's the only way your going to get this.

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Now I know for a fact this man didnt fire me after an hour and a half observation. I'm sure it took all those people in the deli more than an hour and a half to speed up and learn there jobs. I only worked there 2 days and served for for 2 hours the day befor and 1 1/2 hours b/f he fired me. I put on my resume, that I'm on Kolonpin, Lexapro, trazadone and other medications. Now before I left everything was cordial, until I looked at the time and noticed that i only served for an hour and a half and he said he based his decision off that day's observation. So i went to him and asked what he specifically observed that made him thing i was cut out for the job he said "there are no specifics, you have a degree, you said the deli wouldn't really be your cup of tea but you'll take it,read pt5

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If you were not injured, this is NOT Workers' Compensation. Beyond that , you need to ask a question. You should ask it under "Employment Law"

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Not seeing an injury here. You need to repost this in the area of employment


I agree that if you believe you have a claim you should see an employment attorney. I see a lot of problems with recovery but I can see problems with the way you were treated. An attorney experienced in employment law might have insight into theories of recovery.
If you had a preexisting condition, the ordinary aches and pains and limitations caused by that condition are not really workers' comp issues. Again, a chat with a lawyer may elicit supportive facts. Sometimes things the client barely notices are important for determinig liabilty.
If you have a preexisting disabling condition, and your disability does not interfere with the essential functions of the job, an employer must give you reasonable accommodations so that you can work despite your disability. A lawyer experienced in discrimination law can guide you.
It may be that there are things that happened that could lead to liability.
If, for instance, someone had disclosed your medical history as part of the "high school" atmosphere, that would be a HIPPA violation. Or if slandered you were slandered when they made fun of your disability, that may be actionable.
It doesn't sound to me like you would have been happy there. Maybe it would be best to concetrate on another job someplace else.