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Provided my circumstances do not change, do I need to take any further steps with the court once I receive my Chp 7 Discharge?

Brentwood, TN |

I received a Discharge of Debtor order from the court which states "IT IS ORDERED that the debtor is granted a discharge under 11 USC § 727. There were no listed exceptions. Just the standard information printed on the back of the discharge regarding different types of debts.

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You are basically done. The discharge is the goal of bankruptcy. There is nothing you need to do.


If the bankruptcy Trustee has filed a report of no assets to administer and there are no pending actions or adversary proceedings, it seems you are coasting to a successful conclusion of your bankruptcy.


The Discharge Order doesn't specify what debts are or are not discharged. You will need to review the provisions of 11 USC section 523 to determine whether or not all of your debts were eligible to be discharged. Child support, alimony, student loans and income taxes are examples of debts that may not be discharged by this order. Hope this perspective helps!

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