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Protective order issued, neither plaintiff nor attorney appeared at hearing.

Angleton, TX |

I was told by the mother of my child that she had a protective order issued against me. I found the hearing date on the county website, but was unable to attend the hearing due to my job which requires constant travel. I called about the order and was told neither the plaintiff nor her attorney appeared at the hearing. The hearing information on the district court's website states, "Notice Not Sent".

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Attorney answers 2


Your question? If the protective ordered issued, you will be served with it. IF it did not, you won't. If you are served, do not violate it as it is a criminal offense.

Cynthia Henley


I agree with Attorney Henley. Normally, to get a protective order to stick past a few days, you have to have a hearing with the other party present. They have to give you notice and have an actual hearing to make it more than an emergency order. So while an EPO may be in place, a regular protective order isn't. Get an attorney.