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Prospective employer contacting current employer without permission is it legal?

Tullahoma, TN |

I am currently employed and i was seeking another job! Well i went to Randstad and they ask me where i was employed and i told them! Well i never gave them any consent or permission to call my employer! They contacted my employer with out permission! my supervisor told me he had a problem with me and was taking it as my two week notice! He has made my job very hard! Is there anything i can do?

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Please understand I am not admitted to practice in Tennessee so my comments are general and may not be taken as legal advice.

If you don't want someone to contact your current employer, the best way to achieve that is to ask them not to. Although you might think it is implied that you do not want this, it is better to state it up front. There is nothing illegal about what happened here. Therefore in my opinion you have no recourse. Also, if the most that happened to you was discomfort for a couple of weeks, you have no damages. If someone makes false statements about you that you that cause you to lose a job opportunity, that may be actionable. That did not happen here, as I understand it.

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