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Proscutters offered to take 17 charges child molestion rape sagutorty rape reduced to open plea 40 years probation 10 to 25

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If you are having doubts about your public defender you need to speak with a private attorney immediately. One who specializes in child molestation cases. But if you are set for trial there may be very little time. If you would like to discuss your case, my number is 4042176978.


It is in your best interest to get advice from the attorney you have. That attorney has the facts and circumstances of your case and know what is involved. That attorney is in the best position to advise you.

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The public defender gets paid the same whether or not you go to trial and whether or not you win or lose. He may be a great lawyer, but he likely has a huge caseload of which you are just one case. It is more economically efficient for him if you plea. He also probably doesn't have the budget to hire investigators and expert witnesses a serious case like yours needs. But unless you happen to have the ability to hire private counsel this late in the game, this is the only lawyer you are going to have.

Before going to prison for 10-25 years, I'd sell everything I own and borrow every penny I could and hire a lawyer with more time to spend on the case and an incentive to win.

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If the information you posted is correct, your lawyer is either lieing to you or doesn't know the law. If you plead to rape (not statutory rape), the minimum sentence is 25 years in prison. That is mandatory. There is also no parole from a rape conviction. The actual sentence is a Life sentence with 25 years to serve in prison (mandatory).

The only way your plea could go through the way you have described it is if the rape charge is dropped. Then you could get the sentence they are suggesting. However, you are most likely going to get 25 years in prison. An open plea means the judge has discretion to sentence you to anywhere between the 10 and 25 years that you have agreed to. A sitting judge looking at a 17 count indictment is most likely going to give you the 25 years, and your attorney knows this. You have little to know chance of convincing the judge to give you 10.

Whether a trial or a plea is in your best interest is something only your public defender can tell you now. YOu should have hired a lawyer a long time ago if you wanted advice from somebody else. Now it is likely too late.