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Property owner having signs posted: PRIVATE DRIVE do not use our driveway when you reside on a dead end...

Houston, TX |

Can you not tell your neighbors to Stop Trespassing and their services b/c they are too cheap or to build their own front driveway...and insist on crossing over or 360 into and onto your contempt.

A county is charged with Road Classifications: then what do you do when they refuse to classify a non county maintained road or dead end

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Your rights will be based on the property records . Are there easements for ingress and egress that are recorded? They may be on the individual deeds for one or both of the properties or an easement may be on a separate document for the subdivision unit the property is a part of.
Should there be no easement for using the drive/road you can put up no trespassing signs . The neighbor will then have to prove they have a right to use the drive/road. Be certain there really are NO use rights for your neighbor on any of the recorded records or community zoning regulations before you stop their use.

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