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Property owned by two people. verbal agree to each make payment for 6 months of each year. one person not making payments at all

Trenton, MI |

wont sell, said out of work to bad. so as not to loose everything one person making payments for the last three years

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What do you mean by 'property'? Real property such as land (home, condo, etc) or personal property (car, tractor, boat)? FYI, As a general rule, verbal agreements regarding land are void (Statutes of Frauds-contracts not performed in a year/related to ownership of land) i.e. not enforcable in court meaning there is no agreement.

If you could drop a few more facts (no names) you could likely get a more meaningful response from MI attorneys.

What do you mean by owned? Is there a bill of sale? Is the property registered somewhere in BOTH names? Was property inherited, purchased, acquired by other means?

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I will assume that you are speaking of real property. The first thing I would want to know is the whole agreement between the two of you. You may have the right to re-write your agreement in court. You should consult an attorney to find out all of your rights.

Every case is different. As such, the answer cannot be considered legal advice nor can it constitute an attorney-client relationship.

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