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Prop 36 and probation rules, can someone help?

Los Angeles, CA |

I have been on prop 36 probation for 1 yr of a 3 yr sentence. December is the cut-off date to complete my requirements, which are all completed already.
My questions is: Can I go to court in December and terminate probation early since I've completed the requirements? Or do I have to complete 3 years of probation as well? And will I be drug tested at the courts before dismissal of charges?
Also, can I obtain a passport? I know I may need permission, would this be from probation, court, or both? Are there limits to travel? I may be going on a cruise to latin america and want to know for certain.

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It is possible to terminate probation early. Courts usually require a showing of need and change in circumstance not present at the time of the plea.

You can certainly get a passport, but travel out of county will require prior approval from probation or the court and travel out of the country will certainly require approval from the court. The court could set limits on your travel. When you make the request of the court, simply tell them where you plan to go and why and hopefully it will be approved.

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